The LUXURY TOUCH L8 Kids Tablet (4gb RAM + 64gb ROM)

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The LUXURY TOUCH L8 Kids Study Tab is a wonderful device that can be used to engage your child’s attention. This Android tablet features large, bright, and colorful icons that make it easy for a child to navigate the menu. A 10-inch touchscreen with a ten-point touch makes it easy to operate for a child.


This tablet comes outfitted with a dual-core processor supported by 64Gb internal storage and 4GB of RAM. This tablet comes equipped with WiFi. Let your child develop an early understanding of computer devices through the use of this tablet.


LUXURY TOUCH Kids Study Tab features a WiFi adaptor that facilitates easy connection to the Internet. A 3.5mm audio jack is also present at the bottom, enabling easy connectivity of audio peripherals. This tablet features a 4000mAh battery that facilitates long-time usage by a child. 


A 64Gb memory module comes outfitted in this tablet, enabling easy storage of different files. The storage capacity of this tablet can be extended by up to 128GB with the use of an appropriate memory card. 


Estimated Weight: 1kg

Product Unit: Pieces



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